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    The New Fiik Gromet has arrived.

    At just 5kg, this sleek, stylish electric skateboard is the perfect size to cruise down to the beach, check out the surf, or simply get around town. The 83mm brushless hub motor delivers smooth and silent power, and the 4 speed and brake settings allow you to personalise the performance of the board just the way you want it.

    The tough fibreglass composite constructed deck features a quick-release battery for easy charging.

  • NCM Milano Trekking E-Bike, CityBike

    NCM Milano Trekking E-CityBike

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    NCM Milano Trekking E-Bike, CityBike, 250W, 48V 13Ah 624Wh Battery [White 26]

  • NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike

    NCM Moscow Electric Mountain E-Bike

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    NCM Moscow Electric Mountain E-Bike, 250W, E-MTB, 48V 13Ah 624Wh Battery [Black 27.5]

  • NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike, E-Bike

    NCM Prague Electric Mountain E-Bike

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    NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike, E-Bike, E-MTB, 250W, 36V 13Ah 468Wh Battery

    White 26″, Black 27″, Black 29″

    Contact us after order to advise your choice

  • Sleds E-Bikes – all Colours

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    These are our newest range of urban beach fun e-bikes. Can come with fat tyre front on 26″rim or 2.5″tyre on 26″rim.

  • Urban Electric Scooter

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    The Toughest Electric Scooter out there!
    There’s no beating this one. This robust, heavy duty, low maintenance Electric scooter features an ultra high range of up to 44km, safety lights and anti theft technology. The X6 showcases the best of all worlds. It is strong and durable and will get you to your destination with ease.

  • turquoise Z Electric Bike

    Z Electric Bike – all colours

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    500 Watt best value including front and rear guards
    Please come and demo one in Byron anytime
    Free delivery anywhere in Australia
    • Classic looking. Design patent owned by CIVIBIKES.
    • 48V 250W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor Australian street legal. Or 52V  500w BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property.
    • Full-Color LCD display gives you all the information you need: Odo, trip, speed,  battery indicator. Drive mode selection. Daylight and Night model selection.
    • Front/Rear Tektro™ Hydraulic Brake stops ezriderZ at any time if needed.
    • Half twist throttle. Twist throttle, ezriderZ will take you anywhere.

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    + Shipping + Delivery $170

    Massive saving – only online sales.

  • FiiK Electric DRIFTER – rear wheel drive electric trike

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    Fiik Drifter – Regular price $2500 + delivery
    Buy a 2 Drifters in the same Transaction for $3500 ($1750 each)
    This is a huge saving to the customer of $1500!!!!!!!!!!!
    The 2nd Drifter must be in the same transaction.
  • FiiK Pool Cleaner

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  • White USB and Power Point sockITz

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    $41.95 $23.95