Hydroflyer E-Foil Cruiser



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1. Designed For Comfort

Designed For Comfort Ergonomically designed handle grips, scooped deck for increased responsiveness and forward facing rider position reduces rider leg fatigue over long sessions.

2. Stabilized Board Design (Patent Pending)

Unique V-nose board design slices through chop and minimizes water and air drag for easy liftoffs & landing. Reduced side-to-side rock makes it easier to balance and reduces falling.

3. Safety Wing (Patent Pending)

Our patent pending Cloud Tech™ Safety Foil technology features a rubber edged soft wing. Up to 5x the impact shock absorption of a normal carbon wing. Protects rider and equipment from cuts & major damage.

4. Handlebars For Stability (Patent Pending)

Detachable handlebars make it easier to balance, reduces wipeouts and shortens the learning curve for beginners. Even first timers with zero prior experience can get up and enjoy it first go.

5. World Class Engineering

Scientifically designed and tested hydrofoil wings. Our ultra-efficient hydrofoil designs reduce drag and allow for maximum glide and reduced battery strain. This means faster speeds and longer ride time without needing to recharge.

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Choose Colour - White & Blue or All Carbon Black

White & Blue, All Carbon Black

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Hyper 170, Vyper 190, Vortex 210 Safety Foil