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Golf Skate Caddy Model GSC-30AH V2

is a high quality, robust and reliable personal golf transporter, designed to take a golfer and bag (130KG max combined weight) around your golf courses. The GSC™ is designed for golfers by golfers and brings a little surf to your course as you transverse the fairway. Never before has the world seen such a unique designed golf transport vehicle.

Everything has been redesigned from the previous V1 2014/5 model. We are proud to release this model sporting such updates as the new revolutionary ergonomic handle with thumb slider designed to allow a confident grip whilst propelling the GSC™ forward or backwards with control and accuracy. A new full colour LCD computer control screen, dual 5V USB charger, easy access charging port on the front pole, a new super multi function remote control withLCD screen and internal lithium battery ready to be recharged from the USB outlet, new suspension, springs, bushes and uprated axles, new intelligent CPU housed in a water resistant enclosure, a new bamboo deck, high intensity front LED lights, improved wider main console framework. So Whats Changed….. Everything’s Changed …. That’s What ! Designed primarilary for commercial use as part of the golf clubs fleet it is also a great and fun alternative to a golf cart for the individual player. It has been designed specifically to pack down easily and without fuss into the back of your station wagon, hatchback^, SUV, 4WD, people mover etc. and depending on the size of your car boot, some family sized cars. All this without the need to carry ramps or a trailer. Weighing around 47kg without your golf bag and clubs and only 39kg if you remove the quick release Li-NMC battery, most able bodied people should be able to lift this easily into their vehicle. Compared to so many other single ride on units the Golf Skate Caddy is your answer to golf course transport – lets face it, it’s not much fun taking your golf cart on a trailer for a game, and garage rental fees for golf carts at your local club now seem like a waste of money as this unit takes up such a small amount of room it can easily be stored in your own garage at home.

The GSC-30AH V2 commercial specifications are as follows

* Topside:

• Heat-treated handle constructed from aircraft aluminum base and alloy pole
• High quality “eagle claw” heavy-duty alloy pole quick release mechanism
• High quality tough paint finish with clear lacquered logos
• Ergonomic Handle with in built intuitive thumb slider
• Key switch On / Off
• Full Colour Computer Control LCD Screen with full GSC™ telemetry, remote power & light on / off switch.
• 5v Dual USB weather resistant outlet
• Above deck easy access main battery charging port
• Accessory attachment bar
• Heavy-duty attachment straps to secure golf bag
• Impact resistant custom front faring suitable for 10 inch staff bag complete with flexi mud guards
• Impact resistant custom rear faring with cooler compartment for drinks complete with flexi mud guards
• Handheld remote with variable speed / braking wireless 2.4Ghz trigger controller
• Forward & reverse function with 10m range
• High quality custom shaped sealed bamboo deck
• GSC umbrella with dual customized left or right side holder rated to 100km/h winds
• Drinks holder and Score card holder
• Quad golf ball & Tee holder
• Divot pourer sand bottle
• Space for GPS or electronic accessories
• UV stabilized logo grass mat
• Dual front high intensity LED lights and rear red LED strip
• Rear spring loaded quick release seat (cannot be used whilst driving Golf Skate Caddy)

• 30 Ah Quick release Lithium NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) battery (completes 18+ holes) + (9 holes) *
• 30 Ah spare battery option – don’t miss out on another rental again
• Main battery Charger: 3 – 6 hours
• Low impact 10inch turf tyre ( low ground force pressure impact of < 8psi )
• Dual 1000w high torque brushless motor with soft-start
• Custom computerized mapped GSC™software
• Front truck with tuned front bush and dual suspension springs
• Water resistant computer management system • Rear suspension limiters
• Quick release receiving seat hitch

General Specifications:
• Weather / water resistant
• Easy to ride (5 minute learning curve)
• Suitable from ages 16 +
• Easily transported in your family sedan, hatchback, 4WD etc.
• Max Rider weight 120kg + bag
• Total Weight 32KG without battery + 7kg quick remove battery
• Top speed <20kph Size Specs
• Length 122 cm
• Width 56 cm
• Height 56 cm

^Depending on the size of your hatchback vehicle. * Dependant on weight of rider, golfers ability, course undulations and steepness, condition and dampness of grass, rider speed and stop / starts **specifications may be liable to change without notice – so please check with our sales team if you have any special or particular requirements or needs.


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